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Premium Orchard Apple BBQ Wood Pellets – 20 lbs (9.07kg)



  • A proprietary blend of 100% hardwoods for each unique flavour profile
  • Above all, there are no oils, chemicals or binders added
  • Kiln-dried, low moisture content for quick ignition
  • In addition, they are safe in all Pellet Grills, Smokers and Barbecues
  • Burns more efficiently and completely with less cleanup
  • Furthermore, they are a renewable fuel source for cooking
  • Made in the US
  • Weight per individual bag: 20 lbs (9.07kg)

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Keep your pellet grill and smoker fired up with Camp Chef’s Premium Hardwood Pellets. Camp Chef Premium Hardwood Pellets offer better flavour and a more efficient burn. Why? Unlike most pellets available, Camp Chef pellets are not a byproduct but rather 100% pure virgin hardwoods. No oils, chemicals or binders added. The kiln-dried process creates low moisture content for a very dry, hot burning pellet. This means it burns less to maintain your desired temperature, giving you more pellets for your next barbecue and less ash to clean. These pure virgin hardwood pellets will give you consistent results bag after bag. Try our Orchard Apple flavour for your next cookout with chicken, pork, fish, baked goods, or veggies. You can also check out one of our other seven flavours.

Camp Chef Premium Hardwood Pellets offer several flavour profiles for high-grade beef, chicken, pork and fish. Also great with vegetables or baked goods.

For a better tasting, consistent burning pellet, use Camp Chef Premium Hardwood Pellets.


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