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Mr Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Coal 15KG


Excellent lumpwood charcoal made from hardwood

Very popular with restaurants and the professional barbequers because it burns long and hot.
Due to the nature of the product, it may spit and spark until fully ignited.
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• Large 15kg bag / sack of restaurant quality grade lumpwood charcoal
• 100% natural hardwood with no additives
• Denser charcoal for long lasting performance
• Lights easily & quickly
• Rarely sparks or spits once fully ignited
• Larger pieces of lumpwood produce high and stable heat for long periods of cooking time
• Ideal for use on professional grilling equipment (Tandoori Ovens, Josper Grills etc.)
• Little ash production
• Adds natural, smoky flavour to your food
• Packed in a strong triple layer bag, for dry preservation.


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