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6 Nations – English V Scottish BBQ Food ideas

 The 6 Nations Kicks off today!

Why not pick one of these patriotic dishes to enjoy while you watch the game?  Ideally cooked on a BBQ but both dishes can be cooked in the oven if the weather not “playing ball”.

The Scottish Line Up:
BBQ Venision Burger
BBQ Venision Burger

Aberdeen Angus burger

The English Line Up:
Roast Beef Burrito
Roast beef, horseradish, Yorkshire pudding burrito

Jamie's Insanity burger
Jamie’s Insanity burger

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BBQ Chicken Shawarma on the Whister Grill & Rotisserie

Having just made this a couple of weeks ago, I can confirm that this is the the most tasty chicken shawarma kebab I have ever tasted.

I used the rotisserie on my Whistler Broadway gas grill which helps amplify flavour and glourious smell as it cooks.

I will defintly be cooking this to enjoy with some friends as we watch the 6 Nations this weekend..…/tom-kerridges-barbecued-chicken-schwarma