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Whistler Bibury awarded Best Gas BBQ & Best 5 Burner BBQ by Good Housekeeping Institute

We’re proud to announce that the Whistler Bibury BBQ has been tried and tested under rigorous analysis by the Good Housekeeping Institute, and has been recognised as ‘Best Gas BBQ’ and ‘Best 5 Burner BBQ’!

What did they say?

Score 91/100

An excellent crowd-feeder, this five-burner BBQ has multiple cooking zones and uniform heat distribution that produced pleasing results; it scored full marks cooking corn on the cob, vegetable kebabs and steak, and only dropped one mark on our sausage and burger tests. The accompanying rotisserie accessory also shone, cooking our chicken perfectly in under two hours.

This BBQ requires mains electricity, as do its built-in LED lights, limiting where it can be positioned. Arriving pre-built, you can also choose to buy this BBQ integrated into one of Whistler’s outdoor kitchens. The stainless steel design shows up dirt easily and it can get fiddly to clean, but overall it’s a premium BBQ.

Key specifications
Number of burners:
Side burner: Yes
Grilling area: 101.6 x 48.26 cm
BBQ dimensions: H128.46 x W178.9 x D 68.97 cm
Materials: Stainless steel
Additional features: Flame thrower ignition, cover, rotisserie cooking grate and smoker box included, warming rack
Guarantee: Lifetime




Did you know that we use Gas grills too???

We understand that many people have a gas BBQ at home and not Charcoal, With this in mind, this year we will be using the excellent Whistler Grills on our BBQ cooking classes in addition to the charcoal grills. We will be able demonstrate the features & handy tips plus  explain the various pros and cons of each type of grill. One of the suburb features with the Whistler modular range is that you can keep adding to your outdoor kitchen as your needs require. Lots of people will start by purchasing the grill itself one year then add a sink, fridge and work space over time. Please take a look the link below for more details on the Whistler range.