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Did you know rotisserie cooking is the healthiest BBQ method out there?

In addition to the ease of a rotisserie, another major advantage is that it allows the excess fat and grease to drain off during the rotation process, providing you with a healthier meal. The natural juices and water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin B3, B6 etc are locked into the meat, allowing you to get more health and less cholesterol out of the meat! The constant rotation action seals all these natural juices in, resulting in a juicy and tender meal.
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BBQ Chicken Shawarma on the Whister Grill & Rotisserie

Having just made this a couple of weeks ago, I can confirm that this is the the most tasty chicken shawarma kebab I have ever tasted.

I used the rotisserie on my Whistler Broadway gas grill which helps amplify flavour and glourious smell as it cooks.

I will defintly be cooking this to enjoy with some friends as we watch the 6 Nations this weekend..…/tom-kerridges-barbecued-chicken-schwarma