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Where is the best place for an outdoor kitchen?

In my opinion, there are two lines of thought on this, 1) As close to the house as possible so you can run to the indoor kitchen sink or fridge quickly. 2) As far away from the house as possible. This way you can utilise your garden space to its full extent but ideally this would be a fully equipped set up with fridge, sink storage etc but this will in turn need running water, gas and power to function. You do not want to keep running back to the house every time you have forgotten something! When you are considering the location, you need to think about the following:

Does the sun reach this area? Do you want to be in the sun or shade?

Protection from the wind

Is the soil stable and does it need to be levelled?

Will it be able to drain rainwater away OK?

Privacy – can you neighbours see you?

Will the smoke blow into the neighbours’ garden?

Do not position your kitchen where it could cause a risk of fire to a house or outbuildings!

Also consider over hanging trees and power cables.